Fishing & Cruising Charts for Lough Corrib

& lakes in the West of Ireland

Dr Depth Shorelines - alternative method

I use this method when I have complicated shorelines with lots of islands and holes to deal with. I dont have to worry about which side the water is on, loops etc, and it's automatic. If you already have a complicated chart with shorelines and islands, as a shapefile or a collection of  gpx files, then its incredibly easy to turn this into data that DrDepth can deal with, in moments.

The shoreline is simply a contour, the 0ft or 0m contour. The lake bed inevitably slopes up to it, either sharply, or gently. Whatever it does, I get as close as I can to the shore with the survey grid, and leave the rest to DrDepth to interpolate. This way I end up with a pretty accurate idea of the nature of the shore line, and a good idea of the shape and nature of the islands. The craft I use for doing this has a draft of only inches, and a heavily protected prop (for rocky shores often I just use the oars)

Software needed for this method

DrDepth - a unique and versatile tool, being constantly and imaginatively developed.

Global Mapper - a fully fledged GIS application - but user friendly. Its not inexpensive as  software goes, but if you throw as much money at fishing and boats as I do its well worth having !

GPSMapedit -  you’ll need a registered version – its very good value for money, and not expensive.