Cong & Lisloughrey

Cong Chart
Cong & Lisloughrey

This is one of the better frequented areas of the lake, with ferry services running from Cong and Lisloughrey to Inchagoill.

There is a small  and historic public harbour at Lisloughrey, with launching facilities and reasonable parking. The buildings on the quay are the old warehouses from the 1800's, when steamers from Galway called to the harbour .


Most of the harbour space is taken up with vessels on swinging moorings, with a few on fore and aft moorings squeezed in around the edges.

Steamer approaching Ashford Castle

Ashford House from old steamer pier

The early building on the site dated from the 13th Century, but the later dwelling at Ashford Castle, which can be seen in the sketch above, closely resembled a french chateau. It can still be seen if you look closely from the lake, with all the additions to the "Castle" crowding around it as it sits in the centre of the structure.

There is also a very interesting shaped jetty to the west of the boathouse. shaped as such to allow easy access to seaplanes.

Ashford House C1860