Corrib Wrecks

Lough Corrib Chart Book
The Lough Corrib Chart Book

There is both anecdotal and historic evidence of  wrecks in Lough Corrib. The surveys have uncovered a previously undreamt of amount of marine archaeology. We have 10th Century raiding boats with Viking axes, we have beautifully carved and immense vessels from the early Bronze age, we have "sewn boats" from the later bronze age, and representatives of every era in between, most in a remarkable state of preservation.

The Underwater Archaeology Unit of the National Monuments Service is  investigating all of the wrecks and making their findings public.


Any wreck over 100 years old is considered to be of historical importance, and a licence is required to dive it.


There is more wreck imagery from Corrib and other lakes in the sidescan section

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RTE Nationwide Video of the Corrib Discoveries HERE


The Annaghkeen Boat. A 4500 year old, massive vessel.

The Victorian Yacht. The remains of what was once a spectacular "gentleman's" racing yacht.

The Caislean Nua. The wreck of the vessel involved in the Annaghdown Tragedy

Conor Wreck. The remains of a wooden lakeboat.

Maam Steamer. Sunk on her berth at Maam.

The Carrowmoreknock Boat. The "Viking axes" boat - incredibly preserved, 1000 years old.

The Rinnaknock Boat. A small one man canoe.

The Kilbeg 1 Boat. A 37ft logboat, 3500 years old.

Baurisheen Lakeboat. Probably 19th Century, complete with oars.

Lees Island 5. Incredibly preserved Iron age vessel, 2400 years old. Oar and Socketed axe.

Rabbit Island Boat. 28ft Iron age Logboat

C10 Logboat. A 20ft Logboat - probably Iron age

C15 Logboat. A massive logboat - roughly 37ft, in an incredible state of preservation


Clydagh Rocks Boat A small one-man logboat, 10ft long. Undated


The D1 Logboat. A large logboat, partially buried, and partially dismantled. Undated

The D2 Logboat. A large logboat with a live-well. Possibly bronze age.

Cornamona Structure. An apparent man-made structure near Cornamona

Castletown Boat. A large, 36ft  ancient vessel in Castletown Bay, Mayo - probably Bronze age.

Glann Shore Crannog. What appears to be a buried and submerged crannog floor

C2 Logboat. A medium sized logboat, in apparently good condition, completely buried.

Kilbeg 13. The Dead Boat