The Lough Corrib Chart Book . 

It contains highly detailed charts of all the major features and areas of interest, as well as being a convenient and robust reference tool for anyone with a boat on the lake.

It is an accompaniment to the Corrib Wall Chart, and all of the various flavours of GPS fishing maps that I produce, all based on the same massive amount of data I have collected over a period of six years surveying the lake.


It's hoped that browsing through the book will give you the incentive to grab the map and go and investigate places you've never been. The Corrib is full of wonders - many of which we are only just discovering.

The preview book linked below contains a selection of the pages and charts from the publication. The complete book contains 62 beautiful charts with loads of previously unpublished information, safe routes, distance tables, lake access points, buoyage, bathymetry etc.

Signed copies can be bought directly for postal delivery from (using Paypal) . Just drop me a line if you want any special dedication etc.

The Lough Corrib Chart Book can also be bought from

Charlie Byrnes Bookshop in Galway,

Unsigned copies are sold on  Blurb

Lough Corrib Chart Book Incl Postage

Below is a preview of some of the text, and some of the charts

just click on the book.

The Lough Corrib Chart Book is printed in Europe to order. Check both links for the best price - the exchange rate is set by Blurb so you can possibly save a lot of money by buying in Euro !
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The Lough Corrib Chart Book
The Lough Corrib Chart Book