Which way is up ?

Sometimes it's not easy on Lough Corrib to determine which way is "up the lake". So here's a chart of the direction of buoyage. When going in the direction indicated you should leave a Red mark or CAN shape to port (that's on your left) and a Green mark or CONE shape to Starboard (on your right).

If it's got TWO colours (a bifurcation mark), look at the topmark. If its a CAN shape - leave it to port if you want to follow the main channel, if its a CONE shape leave it to stbd if you want to follow the main channel.  The secondary marked channels take you into Kilbeg, Oughterard, and Maam.

The main channel goes from Galway to Lisloughrey, via Inchagoill.

The direction is generally UP the lake, but it heads DOWN the lake in the approaches to Oughterard.

It is easily remembered as being UP the lake and INTO harbours and rivers.
Corrib - direction of buoyage
Direction of Buoyage - Corrib