Fishing & Cruising Charts for Lough Corrib

& lakes in the West of Ireland

GPS Charts of The Corrib

The Latest Garmin GPS Charts of the lake are FREE with the

on-line purchase of a Corrib Wallchart

Using the GPS Charts - IMPORTANT


Please read this page  before using ANY GPS charts on the Corrib.

Corrib on Lowrance HDS

The Corrib Chart for Lowrance HDS


The Corrib Chart now runs on Lowrance HDS units. It is available direct from this site , or shortly via download from Lowrance / Navico. Please contact this website for full details.


The Corrib Chart for GPS (Garmin G2)

The latest GPS version of the chart - on SD card. My earlier versions of this chart were known as "CorribCharts" until version 1.19. This chart  is still available, now as version 1.3, completely free, for download on this website. 


The current version is now V2.00 which contains many new features and improvements, including full contouring , better accuracy, and enhanced information points.


I maintain a huge dataset of cartographic and bathymetric information, and produce charts in numerous formats - including the Garmin and  Lowrance /Simrad HDS GPS formats.


It is highly recommended to keep updated with the latest version, as the navigation marks on the lake are being updated, supplemented and replaced. The Navigation routes are also being  changed and updated.


The full survey is not yet complete on some areas of the lake, and there remain many uncharted hazards. These will appear as the  GPS Chart updates as each stage of survey is completed, and new versions released.  Updates to the GPS Chart (whatever name it has) are only available through this website and are free.


The latest GPS Chart is available free with the purchase of a Corrib Wallchart.

 For Garmin Nuvi

The Nuvi is not a marine unit, it is designed for automotive use but is a big favourite amongst fishermen - so in 2010 I  created a "Nuvi optimized" version of the chart.

This has now been updated, and has a lot more detail, new survey data from areas unsurveyed in 2010, as well as being fully contoured from Greenfields to Maam. It is perfect for fishing.


The Nuvi version for fishing lacks a lot of the functionality of the marine version - but does help with situational awareness. All shallows, deeps and dropoffs appear on the Nuvi version - but certain objects may not appear - depending on model.


As with the Garmin G2 chart, I am the sole author of all versions of the chart (no matter where you got it), so would recommend you stay updated with the latest releases - only available on this website. Updates from previous versions remain free, and version 1.19 is also available free of charge.


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