Create Garmin marine charts with Reefmaster P3

You probably dont want these to appear at level 2, level 1 is quite adequate and will keep the display uncluttered and fast.
Garmin RM24
You now have all the isobaths imported. You may notice that some appear to be missing - don't panic. This is a bug with GME, it doesnt display the ring geometry well, but exports it perfectly, which is all you need.
Move on to the next step and import the contours.
File - import - ESRI shp, select the contour shapefile that Reefmaster created.
This time select the "from list" tab, and select the 0x0302 major contour object.
Garmin RM27
You want labels here, so select the "Value" column when it asks....
Contours can really clutter up the display, so I'd suggest only making them appear at level 0......
The basic chart is now complete. You can add additional items such as labels, navaids and POIs if needed.

You can now export using cgpsmapper, you can do this direct to SD card, in which case you should make a folder called "Garmin" on the card, and export creating a file called "gmapsupp.img" which you want cgpsmapper to make in the "Garmin" folder.