Fishing & Cruising Charts for Lough Corrib

& lakes in the West of Ireland

Turning Shoreline into Land

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use GPSMapedit to turn shoreline sections into land polygons for Garmin and Lowrance GPS charts.

First load your shoreline into GPSMapedit, or create it using Google Maps

Click on images for full-size viewing

Select the shoreline and right click. Then Select 'Copy' – this places the shoreline onto the clipboard

Select the draw polyline tool

Now draw a polyline that connects one end of the shoreline section to the other end of the shoreline section, and encloses a reasonable area of land (see above)

Now hold down 'ctrl' and select the shoreline and polyline together – then right click and choose “merge polylines”  (see above)

Once they are merged right click on the object and select “convert to polygon” – select the type of polygon you want to make

Now hit 'ctrl-v' and your original shoreline will be pasted back into the chart . Now save your work ! Thanks for reading the tutorial.