Fishing & Cruising Charts for Lough Corrib

& lakes in the West of Ireland

Sidescan Imagery

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Sunken fishing boat
Missing a fishing boat anyone ? This appears to be a fairly modern craft, and in quite good condition still.
Dugout Canoe
and this dugout canoe - some 22ft in length, could be several thousand years old - it's remarkably well preserved.
Pike and their lunch
Here you can see 2 large Pike, and a lot of small roach in small shoals around them.
Large shoal of bream
This is a large shoal of quite large Bream. The long eel like responses are due to fish swimming at the same speed as the survey craft, and staying in the very narrow sidescan beam as they move closer or further from the boat.
Salmon traps in Carnadoe waters
Salmon traps on Carnadoe waters near Carrick on Shannon
Recorded using the high fequency downscan transducer. This is the profile of the river bed from the centre of the Maam basin (off the quay) until half way down the first straight after the basin bends. You can see the nasty shallow in the centre of Maam basin, a deep section with branches and boulders, a shallow tail with very large boulders.
This very nasty rock pinnacle was found near Drumsnauv in the North Lake of the Corrib. The sonar shadow in the bottom sidescan image indicates that the peak is to port, and could be approx 4ft below the surface. This is a rock which represents a hazard to anyone with a substantial keel. In the summer the water level can drop 3ft - knowing where this rock is becomes rather more important !
Salmon in Ashford Bay
Salmon waiting in shallow water (15ft) near Ashford Bay. Below is a more usual sonar image showing the classic fish "arches". This is the same image as above, but with a different transducer.
These fish in Ballycurrin Bay gave a very strange sonar return. I've not worked out why yet ! The classic sonar image below is of the same fish - same instant in time. This is a huge number of fish to be waiting in one area, and not a fisherman in sight.